Why Do People Like Music?

Why is it that people are so taken aback by music? It does not matter what type of music it is, someone, somewhere will enjoy listening to it. Truth is, music has been around for tens of thousands of years. It is no wonder that people are so into music these days. According to an article, even though music has been around since the creation of time, no one quite knows what purpose it serves, if any, and why people like it so much. Scientist have discovered that inside the brain is a music center that processes the music then sends it across various sections of the brain to be enjoyed. There have been plenty of studies involving the brain on music as well as emotional responses to music. Scientist have found that the brain will create a blood flow that will rise and fall in various sections based on what type of music is playing. This blood flow is responsible for the emotions and arousals one gets when they listen to music. In another article, it explained that unlike other animals, humans have a deep appreciation for the culture involving music and movies. There was even a study that revealed patterns of synchronized activities going on in the brains of folks listening to the same piece of classical music revealing that people can share universal experiences. With that being said, everyone’s experience would be different of course.

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Famous American Composers

Who do you think of when you are asked about composers? There have been many German and Austrian composers but there are also many great American composers. Music is so delicate and learning about some famous American composers can be such a great idea. You can really enjoy their music and love to learn a little more about them. Read on to find out just a few famous American composers.

Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein is truly one name that is outstanding in the composer world. He is very well known for his extremes in music but showcases the best of music at the best times. His symphonies were not only unique but extremely delicate and spent hours perfecting them all. This twelve tone music was truly unique. What’s more, he also loved to write musicals for Broadway and even playing the piano. He was truly a unique gem.

George Gershwin

Everyone knows the name George Gershwin and it’s truly a name that stands out for all the right reasons. You have a big named composer so it constantly breaking barriers. That is one of the biggest and best reasons why people love this composer so much. He has changed the world of music with his unique styling and he truly has a gift for music. learn updates at

Samuel Barber

Barber, everyone knows the name. Samuel Barber is one of the most famed and much loved composers of the 20th century. His work is famous for all the right reasons and it truly offers beauty in every detail. You cannot neglect his work simply because it’s beautiful. The Violin Concerto is just one showpiece and yet there are many wonderful works from him.

John Adams

You probably have heard of the name John Adams but you might not realize this famous name is a well known composer. This American composer is well known and famed for this tremendously gorgeous music. He is truly a relentless and very ingenious composer who truly offers so much in his delicate music. Every time he creates a new piece of music, it’s fully originally and that is what makes him very unique to say the least.

Why Composers Are So Loved?


It’s utterly fantastic to see how each composer handles every piece of music that crosses them. Every American composer looks at each piece uniquely and without a watchful mind. He or she doesn’t care about what people like but rather what they can like and trying something new and exciting. This is a trait only a few composers have and it’s something that more and more enjoy. Learning about just a few composers can be such a great idea and it allows you to understand them so much more.

Love the American Composer

There have been so many amazing composers in the world and the above are only a handful of great composers. You can learn so much from their music and can truly enjoy what each brings to the music world. They all have a unique style and yet they can create something so unusual but gorgeous in every sense. That’s why American composers are so greatly loved.


Boston’s Famous Citizens

Boston has become the world famous city that draws people in each and every day. You cannot blame people for loving Boston. It’s a beautiful city and one that offers lots of potential. Boston is the US state Massachusetts’s capital and it truly is one of the US’s oldest cities. So much has happened in Boston over the years, some good, some bad, and yet the community still comes together becoming stronger. It’s a great center for education; the standard of living is good and has been home to many famous people also. So, who are Boston’s most famous citizens?

Edgar Allan Poe

There is none more famous than the great writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. Now, for any literary fan (or indeed anyone living) they are sure to have heard of the great Mr. Poe and he is a native Bostonian! He is truly a great and not just a great writer, Poe is a fantastic Bostonian and really a great of his generation. His writing was unique in many ways and his humble beginnings in Boston truly are fantastic.

Benjamin Franklin

One of America’s greatest men, Benjamin Franklin, is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America and even though he wasn’t President, he truly made the country. Without Franklin, America might be very different today. He was born in 1706 and had a very impressive career. He started in Boston and done so much with his life. Franklin is a true testament to American’s everywhere.

Mark Walberg

Movie lovers will sure to know the name Mark Walberg, the action star that has turned cinema around. From Four Brothers to Shooter, Mark Walberg has showcased the best of his talents and he is a fantastic actor and singer! Not many people know he once started as a singer before getting his big break in the movie industry. He is a native of Boston and his brother, who is also in the movie industry, is well known Bostonians. read latest blog posted at

Uma Thurman


From Kill Bill to Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman has become a household name and the actress has showcased a brilliant side to acting. However, for many fans they wouldn’t have known the actress was born in Boston but she was and remains a very popular figure of the city. Actresses like Thurman don’t come around very often and she can try many varied roles and succeed. checkout this latest news for additional information.

The Love of Boston

For many years, Boston has been at the forefront of greatness. It isn’t just a much loved city but one that has always been there in our hearts and minds. You cannot blame people for having this love of Boston. It’s unique and the atmosphere within the city is truly a one-of-a-kind. The people there are amazing and very friendly and you don’t often see that! It’s lovely to see how Boston has come together through thick and thin and have come out the other side together as one. Boston is the city everyone loves and you will adore it too.


American Musicians in the News

It seems as though you cannot pick up the local newspaper or magazine without seeing a famous American musician somewhere on the front cover. In truth, today everyone wants to know the latest gossip and news about some musician and it’s not hard to see why. Celebrities are so popular and they really adorn front covers as far as the eye can see. However, why is there such an obsession around American musicians in the news and why do people do in search of it?

Modern Culture

In today’s world, everyone wants to know what musicians are doing. People love to find out little bits around their favored artist and reading passes the time. OK, so that is no excuse for why we all seem to love reading American musicians in the news but we are nosy! There is a generation of young adults who want to know what’s going on and it’s the world we live in. everyone loves to know about their favorite musician and, for that reason, more American musicians will be in the news. view more tips at

Endless News Stories

However, American musicians in the news are there because there is always some story behind a picture. We see them living the high life and them showcasing their million-dollar homes; or read about a scandal such as a divorce or hook-up. Yes, for some, they will say its old news and that it’s always the same thing but there is such a need for this news. Everyone wants to know more and for that reason there will be more news stories. American musicians are constantly in the news because they love the popularity and of course, it helps builds their profiles as well.

The Love of Musicians


Why are more American musicians in the news today? Well, there is always a story to be told. For some, newspapers and magazine journalists can in fact bring in a massive story with just one or two photos. You wouldn’t think the photos would create such headlines and yet they can be worldwide breaking news stories! These stories keep us all gripped—and that is one of the biggest reasons as to why we all love musicians. Yes, we love their music but we also love to gossip and love to find out what they are doing next.

News Stories on the Rise

A few years ago, American musicians, like many others, wouldn’t have been a top priority when it came to news. People really wanted to know about politics and everything else but with the rise of popular musicians there came a need for news stories. That is one of the major reasons as to why American musicians in the news are so popular. Almost on a daily basis you are hearing or reading about a musician in the news; whether it’s talking about their new album or because of a scandal. There is always a story and there will always be a story too as it’s what the public want and need! Love to read the new stories and enjoy learning about American musicians in the news today.