Boston’s Famous Citizens

Boston has become the world famous city that draws people in each and every day. You cannot blame people for loving Boston. It’s a beautiful city and one that offers lots of potential. Boston is the US state Massachusetts’s capital and it truly is one of the US’s oldest cities. So much has happened in Boston over the years, some good, some bad, and yet the community still comes together becoming stronger. It’s a great center for education; the standard of living is good and has been home to many famous people also. So, who are Boston’s most famous citizens?

Edgar Allan Poe

There is none more famous than the great writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. Now, for any literary fan (or indeed anyone living) they are sure to have heard of the great Mr. Poe and he is a native Bostonian! He is truly a great and not just a great writer, Poe is a fantastic Bostonian and really a great of his generation. His writing was unique in many ways and his humble beginnings in Boston truly are fantastic.

Benjamin Franklin

One of America’s greatest men, Benjamin Franklin, is one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America and even though he wasn’t President, he truly made the country. Without Franklin, America might be very different today. He was born in 1706 and had a very impressive career. He started in Boston and done so much with his life. Franklin is a true testament to American’s everywhere.

Mark Walberg

Movie lovers will sure to know the name Mark Walberg, the action star that has turned cinema around. From Four Brothers to Shooter, Mark Walberg has showcased the best of his talents and he is a fantastic actor and singer! Not many people know he once started as a singer before getting his big break in the movie industry. He is a native of Boston and his brother, who is also in the movie industry, is well known Bostonians. read latest blog posted at http://www.hovhanesscentennial.com/famous-american-composers/

Uma Thurman


From Kill Bill to Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman has become a household name and the actress has showcased a brilliant side to acting. However, for many fans they wouldn’t have known the actress was born in Boston but she was and remains a very popular figure of the city. Actresses like Thurman don’t come around very often and she can try many varied roles and succeed. checkout this latest news for additional information.

The Love of Boston

For many years, Boston has been at the forefront of greatness. It isn’t just a much loved city but one that has always been there in our hearts and minds. You cannot blame people for having this love of Boston. It’s unique and the atmosphere within the city is truly a one-of-a-kind. The people there are amazing and very friendly and you don’t often see that! It’s lovely to see how Boston has come together through thick and thin and have come out the other side together as one. Boston is the city everyone loves and you will adore it too.